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I have separated my two groups of interest.

My new account for traditional art. Be kind and support it, if you like my drawings and paintings.

Drawings fan page on facebook:…

It will be as I started - web design based portfolio. Most of my friends are based on this type of my work. So, here you go. :)

I am also as always looking for freelance web designer work.
Contact me:
Skype: j.k.8.9
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hello :)
I am back with some great news for those who are interested in my drawings.

First one is that I have updated my drawings gallery
Second, my blog about drawing (in English!) My drawings blog be sure to Follow this blog, because I am drawing each day, and I hope so, that I will daily upload my stuff. It wouldn't be only my drawings, I will tell you my learning sources, maybe show some tips and tricks. If you interesting in drawing, painting, any kind of artistic activity, this should be good way to spend your free time.

My drawings blog
My drawings blog
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I want to introduce you to my DA portfolio:
I really like DA new stuff, everything is customizable and it's really makes me be here for a long time.


Links: - web design / identity showcase" - pencil portraits gallery"

Add me:

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I have finally reached 100.000 pageviews. It is big event for me :)
I'm in DeviantArt since 2005, so it's 4 years in this community, it's pretty long time.

These months I had various wed design offers. Currently I am creating web design for online sci fi game. It will be huge project and I have to do a lot of design stuff. Another web design that I have just made, is about servers and hosting. Others are for restaurant, web design studio, some logos, my special project about web design and so on. I hope so I will upload more designs soon. ;)

Another thing that I am interested in is drawing. Nowadays I am trying to learn human anatomy and incorporate my knowledge for long time, I need to know how to draw figure in any angle from imagination. It's really though, but in the other way it's very helpful for understanding human forms.
I am taking portrait commissions and it's one part of my all activity.

Lastly, I'm playing basketball in this summer. The weather conditions are very well for this outdoor sport. :)

So, thank you guys for all time being with me in DA, I will bring more stuff to you soon. ;)

Links: - web design / identity showcase" - pencil portraits gallery"

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1000 favourites on Imago
Imago - best web design in my gallery This web design is so popular in my galley. :) I am happy about that. Imago reached 1000 favorites, this NESOULAH visitor added 1000th favorite. I hope it will continue counting favs and comments. Imago is on 7th place of all "most popular" web designs category.  I want to thank you all for :+fav: and comments, I really appreciated it.

Drawing books

Currently I am trying to improve my drawing skills. I just started Charles Bargue "Drawing course". It's book with plates for academic drawings, usually 2 or more pictures on plate (lineart and finished piece). The structure of plates are really good, it comes from basic to advanced. This is the best way to improve drawing skills. However, it's really hard to measure everything and copy precisely from plates. This book will train lots of patience to draw complex forms and objects. Also, it will eyes and hand (observation from plates, sight-size method). I like this book. I have energy to do all plates until summer. :)

I am searching Gottfried Bammes books. I especially want to have "Die Gestalt Des Mensche" book. Unfortunately, this book is "Out of Print--Limited Availability.". So, if you have some good Bammes books, I am very interested in that. Please note me.

Please visit:
Drawings gallery
Digital art

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Hi there,

I want to show you my MySpace account:

I am very happy about my 2 projects and is easy to customize. However, I am thinking about horizontal rollover image effect ( something like this…  ), because it is more dynamic, flexible than static images. Also, it's not based on Flash. So, it will be capable with all browsers.  It's probably will be better than my current navigation. What do you think about it?

I am currently working on one big portrait drawing. Client wants portrait in A2 size (~40-60cm, ~16-23in). I hope I will finish it on January.

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80k pageviews

Thanks guys. ;) Now help me to reach 100k. is currently updating. New, fresh personal gallery CMS coming soon.

I will upload more deviations any kind of art from drawings to web design.

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I am currently working with my new project:
Also, I created flickr account, you can find me: JK89 on flickr
Thats all news. :)

JK89 on Behance
JK89 on flickr

If you interested in my web design, just write to my email:
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